Crooked Letter

There are people who believe that all Mississippians are backwoods hillbillies with no electricity and speak in broken english. There are also people who believe that our nation is the strongest its ever been and that our current leadership is leading the nation to once again be a force in front of the rest of the world. Perception is a something serious is it not?

I believe arguing with strangers is something a lot of people need to not put any energy into. Action is the best antidote to idiocracy. Decency is a character trait that hides behind the stark and ‘stone-age’ ideals of our outdated constitution. The first piece of advice I have is that you be the change you wish to see in the world. Here’s some tips on surviving the current political climate:

Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplashanthony-garand-500755-unsplash.jpg

  1. VOTE: I can’t stress how important it is to exercise your right to elect representatives who reflect your voice. Make sure your registration is current, valid, and do some research on political platforms. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you before November 🙂
  2. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE: Lil Duval told you something you should have already been doing. Going back and forth with strangers and friends alike is pointless. Changing stupidity takes about as long as it takes for a person to adopt a mantra in the first place. If you want to have that much patience, be my guest. But I would rather be more impactful than combative. That’s a classy way of saying no more foolery.
  3. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: That includes taking break from social media. Taking a break from gossip. Refrain from working too many hours in a day/ days in a week. Reorganizing your life, or even trying something new! I am an advocate for self-care and have to practice it quite often.


That’s some advice from a well-spoken, college educated, designer bag carrying Mississippian.

Sing Blackbird sing.

*Featured Image by Aidan Formigoni on Unsplash


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