Black History 2019: Week 3: Is Change Gonna Come?

I watched a documentary on Sam Cooke about a year ago but a Netflix recently released a new doc and I was intrigued to see an updated telling of Sam’s persona, music, business, and death. Through this work, I was able to see his “awakening” of his worth as a black man. His music had …


Black History Month: Week 2: A N G E R

For the past couple of years, my black history posts have given a nod to the past. But this year I want to look at the present. This day and age are not ideal for the black American. Just some events this week reminds me of just how far we have to go. Sandra Bland …

The Ivy On The Window: An Ode To Kalief Browder

He went from being an average student to excelling in his college courses. He went from being a prisoner to a brave soldier who stood for what was right. He went from mental distress to being a vine on the window. He is now the equivalent to the rose that grew out the concrete.