But Are God’s Eyes Watching Me?

I know you are looking at this title and thinking to yourself...I've read this story time and time again...redemption, deliverance, prosperity. and blessings.... This post will be a tad different because simply put...I am not there yet.  This is not a post about this great blessing that I have received. There are still a number … Continue reading But Are God’s Eyes Watching Me?


March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

I used to have a hard time being myself. I mean unapologetically me. Classical music is my favorite genre, you will rarely see with matching clothes, and I am currently experimenting with my natural hair texture and learning about what makes me tick. All things I should embrace right? It has not always been that easy. I … Continue reading March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum


As I typed the title for this post, it stung a little. Forgiveness and contentment are two things I struggle with and that I have to constantly pray about. Forgiveness is much easier said than done and I think we all know that from experience. But it is not impossible! No matter how deep the … Continue reading Forgiveness