Happy Birthday To Me

My 26th birthday is today and it is just another reminder of how blessed I am. I am fully aware that I am in a totally different place than I was last year and that is not a bad thing at all. I am transitioning and expecting God to move every single day of my …


We’re In Formation Michelle: A Letter to First Lady Obama

A girl from the south side of Chicago with a big smile and a peaceful aura. Your official title is First Lady of the United States of America. But every time you come up in conversation you are my first lady and that is what you will always be to me. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, I …

The First 300: How I Reached 300 Blog Followers in 3 Months


The PBS Blog


I don’t know what it is this week but I’ve been in a blog subject type of mood. Every article post idea has been about blogging. Could be the excitement still emanating from my radio show feature with Annette earlier this week –listen here- or it could be the excitement over reaching the 1,000 subscriber mark (and the crowd goes wild…. or not), but I thought I’d share my first experiences as a new blogger two years ago.

I started this blog in 2014 so to just be making it to the thousands may not be all that significant to some but this is huge for me. The conception of this post was thinking back to the early days where I praised reaching three hundred and four hundred followers. Why did I stop doing that? It was fun! I even monitored the international support I received and…

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