Ain’t I a Woman?

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The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

Reading the speech of “Aint I A Woman” allows me to simultaneously reflect on where we have been and how far we have to go as a people and as a nation. Sojourner Truth believed that women could make noise that would cause change. I believe she may have been on to something.  But we still have very far to go. A man gets to say who a woman is, what rights a woman has, and yet as an African-American woman, I don’t even get the courtesy of being treated as even a second-class citizen.

princess-684298-unsplash Photo By Princess via Unsplash

As Sojourner points out, being black and a woman is both challenging and miraculous. We are treated equally when it works to benefit of others but otherwise, we are not treated as equal as our counterparts, by our counterparts. God created Eve and she changed the…

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Hidden Scars: A review of “Black Earth Rising”

Learning extends beyond the classroom and I am so thankful that I was able to see this art and learn more about the horrors of the world and the beauty in new beginnings #BlackEarthRising

The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

In one of the first scenes of the show, Michaela Coel’s character (Kate) lifts her shirt up to show the scarred skin from a wound that once hurt her physically but still scars her emotionally and mentally. She exclaims to her adopted mother, “Take a long hard look at it. This is what they did to me”. She is reflecting on her early childhood as a survivor of the Rwandan genocide that occurred in the mid-1990s and claimed the lives of more than 800,000 men, women, and children. This horrendous series of events are not taught in many history classes. I learned about the genocide after watching the movie “Hotel Rwanda” starring my favorite actor, Don Cheadle. The research that took place after seeing that movie really exposed me to the horrors that were taking place in what seemed like a world away.

Black Earth RisingCredit: BBC

Although Black…

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I Took The Day Off

“Girl, get your money” Tank and The Bangas, a soulful group from New Orleans, spoke these words on a song that really registered with me. It’s a pep talk I give myself very often. You should see me in the mirror, whipping my hair and singing, "Gotta get the money real quick, real quick"! I …


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