Lady L I B E R T Y

Once again it is the day of the woman, and we shall celebrate all of things that make us great: Our RESILIENCE....I mean come on, our bodies grow human life, self-cleanses monthly, and as Beyonce sings, "then get back to bizness". Every time I work out, I grin at the buff men drinking their pre-workout … Continue reading Lady L I B E R T Y


Black History Month: Week 3: Deliverance

What is true deliverance? An example is definitely Moses leading God’s children out of Egypt to the promised land. Free from the evil practice of slavery. Today churches everywhere preach on deliverance as an act of God rescuing His people out of the difficult situations and circumstances. As black people, we are definitely in need … Continue reading Black History Month: Week 3: Deliverance


As I typed the title for this post, it stung a little. Forgiveness and contentment are two things I struggle with and that I have to constantly pray about. Forgiveness is much easier said than done and I think we all know that from experience. But it is not impossible! No matter how deep the … Continue reading Forgiveness