Ain’t None of Your Business

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The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

Recent discussions on Lizzo’s fashions, Summer Walker’s mental state, and Gabby and Wade’s open support of their beautiful son really unleashed the ugly in strangers, friends, and family alike. I have been giving some people a major side-eye for the last couple of months and even unfriended some people. It’s high time I step away from social media and disconnect from the foolishness. Y’all can be so discouraging and in the words of Kash Doll, “y’all are doing too much.”

I  thought to myself the other day that the world would be a much happier place if everyone just minded their own business. If your opinion does not affect the lives of others, why risked getting clowned on the internet for sharing your ignorance in front of the world? So many men, women, and children committing suicide and there are still people who speak vile and hateful…

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I am a young African-American professional who loves to read, engage in intellectually stimulating conversation, and is led by God. Learning is a gateway and opens doors I can never imagine every single day and grateful for what God teaches me. Some lessons are painful and some come easy; I'm just glad I'm alive to experience them. I am also a southern girl with southern charm and I've been told I'm funny too! Follow my blog means following my thoughts and I appreciate you for staying along and sharing my journey!

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