Tips on Making Your Holidays Happy

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The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

It’s the start of the holiday season, and I have to remind people to be sensitive to others who dread everything that comes with living through the next couple of months this year. Here are some tips for you to make this season comfortable for yourself and those you hold dear:

Leave my physical changes out of conversations. If I have lost weight or gained weight, you may not be aware of what prompted the change. I could have worked for it, or I may be under a lot of stress. Be mindful of the words you use. Try using genuine compliments, and keep the conversation positive. Remember that you have to give respect to receive it. I am not a child; I can correct you politely and give you many things to ponder on about yourself!

Check on your friends who have lost parent(s), siblings, friends…

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I am a young African-American professional who loves to read, engage in intellectually stimulating conversation, and is led by God. Learning is a gateway and opens doors I can never imagine every single day and grateful for what God teaches me. Some lessons are painful and some come easy; I'm just glad I'm alive to experience them. I am also a southern girl with southern charm and I've been told I'm funny too! Follow my blog means following my thoughts and I appreciate you for staying along and sharing my journey!

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