Okay, Fellas; Misconstrue Information

Just becuase we want your attention does not mean we want YOU! Check out my horn take on this hot topic!

The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

It appears that Beyoncé needed a remix for her massive 2016 hit.

Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter over the last few days and seeing commentary from men on recent Ayesha Curry comments have me rolling my eyes. I am reminded of the most quoted line from the 1998 Temptations miniseries:

“Ain’t nobody comin’ to see you Otis!” -David Ruffin

At this point, reading a fake woke thread from a man (or even a woman) on why Ayesha, or any woman for that matter, has certain thoughts and feelings men can’t fathom is literally exhausting. David Ruffin was on to something. So I’ll say…“AIN’T NOBODY COMIN’ TO HEAR YOUR INPUT”.

Photo by Pixababy via Nappy.co

After the latest episode of the hit Facebook show, Red Table Talk, people are choosing to attack Ayesha Curry for HER feelings about HER self, and just like after the R. Kelly…

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