Who Are You Calling Ugly?

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The Pedestal Project

By Madalyn McKnight

You are black and ugly. Words I heard as a child growing up in the south from those who looked like me and those who wished they looked like me. Reflection during Women’s History Month means taking a look at my journey to womanhood and what has changed in the world.

My thick hair is now a crown. My glasses, now an accessory. My lips sought after from a tube in Sephora. And my hips, sculpted every day by medical professionals. My blackness is now popular, my features now celebrated. Build a time machine, go back about 15 years and tell my younger self that notion. Watch me show all my teeth in laughter.

Today, my only ugliness is a result of events happening in the world around me. Now, as a woman coming from a place of confidence and not boastfulness, I have learned that ugliness…

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Published by singsongblackbird

I am a young African-American professional who loves to read, engage in intellectually stimulating conversation, and is led by God. Learning is a gateway and opens doors I can never imagine every single day and grateful for what God teaches me. Some lessons are painful and some come easy; I'm just glad I'm alive to experience them. I am also a southern girl with southern charm and I've been told I'm funny too! Follow my blog means following my thoughts and I appreciate you for staying along and sharing my journey!

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