Black History Month 2019: Week 4: Colorblind

If you ever want to see someone blow a lot of smoke and be confident behind it, listen to how confidently they say “I don’t see color”. First of all, this nation has more colors than a crayon box and it’s impossible to not see every single one of them. In fact, it’s insensitive and ignorant not to pay attention to problems and issues associated with race in this country. Even among races, colorism is a problem, so to say that you do not see it is ridiculous. You need to see it in order to be effective at policy-making and policy changing. You can be blind to love, but not color. It’s not sensible.

People who make these statements usually have never had to deal with color issues and are almost certainly in positions of power. Plus, making colorblind statements let me know that they have not tried to do so. How convenient is it that I am supposed to forget my black issues for the “greater good” because, in the end color does not matter? It absolutely matters. My voice matters, my issues matter, and if you are in a position where you represent a group of diverse people, they should matter to you too.

Photo By Kevin Kosi via

I encourage you to see the differences in all of us and educate yourself so that you know how to navigate the issues of those who are not like you. It is not hard, it does not take years from your life, or put a dent in your armor. And to people of color,  embrace what makes you shine and inform others that it needs to be seen. Don’t have your light handled any other way.

*Featured image by Dazzle_jam via


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