A Hate Crime and A Possible

Hate crimes are cut and dry. A person with a heart of stone uses violence to demean another person or entity for no reason other than a passion to hurt those different from themselves.

What happened to Jussie Smollett is a crime and a shame. People are feeling empowered by this political climate and using symbols of hate as a catalyst for being hateful. Not on my watch. I will not be in the presence of those who feel emboldened to act on a whim just because they do not like something about someone else. It’s stupid and ignorant, and apparently contagious.

This is not a possibility, this is fact.

I could not imagine teaching innocent children to carry disdain for others who look or live differently themselves. Honestly, the world would be a better place if people simply minded their own business. We all have to answer for our deeds in this life or the next. We should act accordingly.

But turning the other cheek becomes a bit tiring and it is not always comforting to the person who always has to be the bigger person. It can feel as though doing the right thing yields little to no results, but I pray that Jussie is not discouraged. He is loved much more than he is hated and that’s the beauty of love. It extinguishes hate and I am thankful that he is here to live another day.

To those who attack others for reasons that are not in control of the person they hate, you will not win. You will not prosper, and your days of happiness will be few. Love covers a multitude of sin and is the greatest gift to give and receive.

Practice self-care and vigilance and express the love you want to be shown. I will never stand behind people or ideas that demean other beings for their differences. And yes, I am a Christian who has compassion and business to attend to. Get some!  

Also, Embrace your differences and flaunt them. NO ONE can take away what makes you, well ….you!

*Featured Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash


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