I Took The Day Off

“Girl, get your money”

Tank and The Bangas, a soulful group from New Orleans, spoke these words on a song that really registered with me. It’s a pep talk I give myself very often. You should see me in the mirror, whipping my hair and singing, “Gotta get the money real quick, real quick”! I am thankful to be in a position where I do not dread going to work and my coworkers are awesome. But I recently had to force myself to take a day off work. I do enjoy what I do for a living and I have prided myself in accruing all this personal time and working hard, but I must do better in 2019 of taking care of myself. Sometimes it is as simple as a day off. I woke up a few mornings ago KNOWING that I needed some rest and still tried to push through. I got my life together, laid back down and watched cartoons with my dog.

Photo By: Nathan Dumlao for Unsplash

Mental days are necessary. Even if your body is fine, your mind needs peace and rest. It is vital in every day life and essential to maintain sanity in this political climate. Take the day off and treat yourself. That personal time is titled for that reason. For an entire year, I did not take a personal day. Literally, all the time I took was preplanned and filled with obligations or travel. I vowed this year to take my time for ME.  Do not let corporate America dictate when you should take care of yourself. Do what needs to be done to ensure that you are actively working on your mental health and not letting the world drain your light.

Photo By: Ilham Rahmansy via Unsplash

I am an employee, student, and content-creator. But I am also a friend, student, and daughter and those roles are just as important. I have prior posts about how music is therapeutic for me, as well as reading. I also love watching fictional shows, and documentaries. I travel, talk to my friends, and take myself to the movies. I find peace in writing posts for this site. Find what works for you, and if it stops working, find something else. Keep moving forward and if you really need to, take the day off.

Love and health blackbirds

*Featured Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Published by singsongblackbird

I am a young African-American professional who loves to read, engage in intellectually stimulating conversation, and is led by God. Learning is a gateway and opens doors I can never imagine every single day and grateful for what God teaches me. Some lessons are painful and some come easy; I'm just glad I'm alive to experience them. I am also a southern girl with southern charm and I've been told I'm funny too! Follow my blog means following my thoughts and I appreciate you for staying along and sharing my journey!

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