Who Can We Run To?

The major topic for the last few days has really created a purge of all of my social media accounts. People I respected, have known for years as acquaintances, and even close friends have gotten the boot. The war against black women has reared its ugly head and the results have been unsettling, to say the least.

I won’t address the specifics regarding the allegations presented in the very excellent documentary by Dream Hampton on the alleged predator. I wrote a few months ago about canceling a fave. Here we go again, and for the record, if we have to cancel more, I am all for it. This person was never a favorite of mine, but like many others, I did not really dig into allegations. I simply put his actions out of mind. My ignorance wracks my brain with guilt.

Ignorance is not bliss.

It is a state of illusion where a person resides in a glass house unable to make decisions due to lack of information. Now that I am older, and have lived and read about some of the harsh treatment that black women endure, I cannot tolerate those who turn a blind eye to the suffering black women continue to be subjected to.

Who can we run to?

There are some black men and women who would rather address the prosecution of one man instead of lifting up the black girls, women, and the entire families his actions continue to harm. Malcolm X told not one lie when he said,

“The most disrespected woman in America, is the Black Woman. The most un-protected person in America is the Black Woman. The mt neglected person in America, is the Black Woman”.

Who do we run to when the world downplays our pain? Who do we run to when the group of people who are supposed to protect us, leaves us defenseless? Who do we run to when the very people we give birth to, decide which among us is beautiful? Who do we run to when the world deems us less than a human being? A double-fold minority is a mountain that has been deemed impossible to overcome.

We have had to save ourselves and the world for so long that we should be deemed honorable from the womb. Being a black woman is a special gift that is accompanied by pain. Our love is taken for granted, our peace interrupted, our hair ostracized, our bodies replicated and shamed, and our smiles are forced. We endure all of this to wake up the next day and do it again.

Shout out to those who value us and value our stories. Those who understand our plight and empathize with our issues. Those who stand with us and for us. You are appreciated.

Women do not ask to be assaulted and the point of this documentary is to speak up and speak out to encourage other women and men to do the same. Whether it takes 20 years or it never happens, people should not be attacked for telling their truths. We owe it to them at the very least to listen and act accordingly. Learn from their pain and use their experiences to prevent future trauma. Kill the ‘blame game rhetoric’. It’s tired, it’s lame, and it will get you BLOCKEDT.

Believe Black Women


Peace and Blessings Blackbirds

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