Cancelled: A Short Story About Your Fave

One of my favorite Amy Winehouse songs is called “What is it about men?”. This is a very good question, but even better is ‘What is it about anyone?’ man or woman. The older we get the more fairy tales become drastically unbelievable. In this day and time, figures we looked up to on television, radio, and our communities are becoming ‘human’ if that makes any sense, thus revealing a chain of deplorable actions that end with them being cancelled.

True is the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” but now that actions have been decided by a court of law, I cannot in good conscious support those I once looked up to, who in the dark of night ruined lives and committed crimes that until recently went unanswered. At that point it is not a black or white issue. Imagine admitting that you drugged women (for the record) and then years later, you finally pay the price. I will not stand with anyone of any descent who preys on those who they deem powerless.

It’s bittersweet but eye-opening and solidifies the need to create our own identities and not lend the credit for our successes on people who we’ve never met and cannot accurately judge their character. I do not hold the power to make anyone believe anything, one way or another. All I can do is listen to the victim’s stories, feel their pain, and condemn acts that have long haunted men and women around the world.

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist on Unsplash

Your fave is cancelled, and you can be BIG mad about it. My fave is cancelled, but I feel not an ounce of sadness. I used to believe that ignorance is bliss. But when we have the tools and knowledge to know better but choose not to do better, that’s when the mind warps and free thinking just makes one look..well…stupid. Educated opinions are respected and not knowing who we are supporting is not a luxury we can continue to afford.Really know what you know! And wonder how much evidence would you need if a victim was your relative. If your sister, brother, mother, father, uncle, cousin came to you and let you know they were taken advantage of, it would not matter what race, gender, or affiliation you would seek justice.

And if your fave is willingly walking in ignorance, make an informed decision. There is no separating the artist from the art. Reflections don’t always mirror our appearances.

Be informed blackbirds,

Cover Photo by Kristina V on Unsplash


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