It’s reboot season. Literally almost every show that I enjoyed for the last twenty years is making its way back around to the new millennium with the same faces and new storylines. It was awesome at first but now Hollywood is taking full advantage of the nostalgic wave. It went from just clothing and now the television screens that command our attention will also double as time machines.

Photo by Allis Sinisalu via Unsplash

What about nostalgic activities? I ride past the main library here in my hometown everyday on the way to work and the sign for the last few months has read, “WELCOME BACK; PLEASE COME IN”. It’s almost a cry for people to come in and make reading great again. What happened to the library being a magical world that I used to take advantage of when I needed an escape? I used to read to the point where I got in trouble. I was always late returning books, I would read at the dinner table while eating, and stay up late to finish one last chapter, well…maybe two last chapters. I just needed to know how it all ended. Travel down to my own little world is the power that words had over my life. I wrote a while ago about my love for Harry Potter and how books have opened many different doors for me. But I always dreamed to one day have children who share the same enthusiasm. With trips to the library on Saturday mornings or evenings throughout the week and to watch them use their gift of reading to open doors to all kinds of hobbies, careers, and other forms of evolution. Now, with the convenience of the Kindle (which I own) and the ease of owning books still has not taken away the magic of libraries and I still go and pick up hard copies of books sometimes about many different subject matters. Reading is still so fundamental as breathing for me.

Photo by Laetitia Buscaylet  via Unsplash

Take your kids to the library or any child in your life for that matter. You owe it to them to bring them that nostalgic feeling in a way that will stimulate and enhance their views of the world. Books are tools, gateways if you will. Going to the library forces one to focus on the book in complete silence with full permission to let your mind take you anywhere in the world without leaving the room. There should be no reason that libraries have to beg for patrons! Reading should be made as fun as it is essential to becoming a functioning member of society! As Lavar Burton used to sing, “Take a look; it’s in a book; reading rainbow”! The more you know the more powerful you are; let a book take you on a journey!


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