Lady L I B E R T Y

Once again it is the day of the woman, and we shall celebrate all of things that make us great:

  1. Our RESILIENCE….I mean come on, our bodies grow human life, self-cleanses monthly, and as Beyonce sings, “then get back to bizness”. Every time I work out, I grin at the buff men drinking their pre-workout and trying to intimidate others. I am woman, I am stronger in ways that a man cannot even fathom. joanna-nix-565012-unsplash.jpg
  2. Our HEARTS….women are deemed emotional by all and I have come to embrace that. The world needs more love, sweet love right? Leave it up to women. We are able to make an exchange at McD’s just as warm as us saying our marriage vows. We have to capacity to forgive and forge on.
  3. We are STRONG….this is not to make our way back to the men in gym, but we really do shoulder the world. The strongest people in my life are women and they have proven that they can go to work, class, gym, pick kids up from soccer games all on coffee, mascara, lip liner, and three hours of sleep. We lead the charge and we never get equal credit as our male counterparts. I mean that huge thing in NYC is called LADY Liberty right?mike-wilson-183196-unsplash.jpg
  4.  Lastly, we are PROVEN. Tried and true is what is are. We led slaves to freedom, we championed voting rights for all, we refused to sit on the back of the bus, we lobbied for recognition of strong men, we are journalists, lawyers, doctors, police officers, educators, politicians, and we are lions, beasts of wild, and we bring LIFE.

When Jesus left his earthly form to be with our Heavenly Father, He left word with Mary to bring the news to the disciple. A woman he felt was resilient, loving, strong and smart enough to lead the charge. A woman.  And yet some of the same men who preach His word seem to forget that God has no respect of persons.When America was at war and sent the men away, it was the women that held this country from being drawn into a depression. Women. And yet, we still receive only a percentage of the pay from doing the same job as our male counterparts. When Hollywood thought they owned us, we spoke up and out against harassment and unfair treatment. We are women and we demand respect, honorably, and beautifully.

No matter who you are, you are equal in God’s sight and I refuse to not be viewed the same by imperfect mortal beings. And I will fight for women until I expire. We deserve


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