Black History Month: Week 3: Deliverance

What is true deliverance? An example is definitely Moses leading God’s children out of Egypt to the promised land. Free from the evil practice of slavery. Today churches everywhere preach on deliverance as an act of God rescuing His people out of the difficult situations and circumstances. As black people, we are definitely in need of deliverance, financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. As a Christian, I know that although true deliverance is at the hand of the father, we have to be active participants. God gave Moses the instructions, but each believer had to put one foot in front of the other.


There is a song by En Vouge where the ladies sing, “Free your mind; and the rest will follow”. Free your way of thinking to include acceptance for all different types of people from all walks of life. From there your deliverance will open up a world of peace and unbotheredness. If you are struggling with your thoughts and/or need guidance into the use of healthy coping mechanisms; see a therapist, if you are in an abusive relationship seek help, and if the state of the world is affecting you and you crave to contribute to the good the world has to offer, link with others and network. There is always a solution to the problem you are struggling with. Deliverance is just an answer away.

Martin Luther King often spoke of reaching the mountaintop and what that would mean for black people of this country. He gave us visions of the end but was taken in the middle of his journey. We have to pick up the torch and move forward. One man truly can change the world. It only takes one to instill hope, or a woman to teach us the meaning of the Color Purple. Deliverance is always lurking in the shadows and if our people would unite and find it, we can free ourselves from literal and metaphorical chains.

Black history is not just about reflecting on what strides have been made for our people, but also looking forward to pave a way for future generations of black babies born into this world. Deliverance for us changes the course of history for black people everywhere. We cannot sit on the sidelines and expect everything to fall in place. Nor can we sit on those sidelines and participate in the doom of the world. Take a stand and be an active part of your own deliverance.

*featured image by Diana Simumpande


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