March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

I used to have a hard time being myself. I mean unapologetically me. Classical music is my favorite genre, you will rarely see with matching clothes, and I am currently experimenting with my natural hair texture and learning about what makes me tick. All things I should embrace right? It has not always been that easy.

I have always struggled with my self-esteem. Sometimes, I feel confident and other times, nothing that God gave me is working out for me. Ungrateful? Not at all. I want to be a better me, but I thank God for what I have. Some days are just not it. But, I have finally realized that the purpose of my 20’s are to get comfortable in my own skin. I do not have to have it all together but I do have to get a system going to moves me toward that point. I have accepted the fact that I will sometimes be a hot mess. I think I am allowed that room to grow.

Through it all I have found my voice, and in doing so, have created a rhythm that cannot be recreated or matched. The beat from my drum is loud enough for only me to hear but bold enough for the world to see. My drum is all mine, and I flaunt it proudly with a wide smile and my hair all over my head. My drum is scarred. It has seen better days, but I have a learned a lesson with each stumble and each fall. I am well on my way. To God be the glory for my drum, which is comprised of everything that makes me..well…me!

My differences and my shortcomings are just that…mine; and although these are daily affirmations, I have an overwhelming sense of comfort in who I am at my core. That’s what is most important. I may be carrying a little more weight than I want to. I may have breakout and blemishes, and I may still be wounded from prior heartbreak, but I am here. I have been propelled forward, even when I felt like I did have the strength to go on.

And you can testify to that notion too. Be your best self, and don’t apologize for it blackbirds.

Peace and blessings.

*featured photo by João Silas on Unsplash


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