As I typed the title for this post, it stung a little.

Forgiveness and contentment are two things I struggle with and that I have to constantly pray about. Forgiveness is much easier said than done and I think we all know that from experience. But it is not impossible! No matter how deep the hurt, we have power in that choice! I’m going to be honest. The one person I have the hardest time forgiving is myself.  I am my best friend and worst enemy. I am my own provider of confidence and insecurity. I am both sides of the coin, and it’s a daily struggle!

Even after all of the good things forgiveness can do, it is often associated with weakness. This is a stigma I had to learn was more harmful than anything. And you have to be willing to forgive, even if the offender never utters an apology. That does not make me weak or you weak. We have to live beyond the hurt and forgiveness is a huge part of that. 

If you sit down and actually ask yourself what it will take to break through the chains of hurt, you will see your negative emotions turn into a positive lesson. I know this to be true.

I wish I could thank every person that has hurt me. I truly learned a lesson I would have not gotten otherwise. As my godmother used to say, “aint no sense like bought sense”. Those hurtful experiences are mean to shape you. Sometimes you have to live through it in order to take that knowledge and apply it to the next trial. I know I will get hurt in the future. Heartache and pain are in inevitable. But I am actively practicing forgiveness. And I know the power of prayer.

Without prayer, I am nothing. Without brand new grace and mercies, I would not be here, and without forgiveness, I cannot press forward.

Take action blackbird

*featured photo by Patrick Tomasso via


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