Thanks, Dad

When I was 14, I traveled to Denver for the first time to see the man who is partly responsible for my existence. It had been a few years since I last saw him, I was nervous and I did not know which emotion to pick (out of the many I experienced that day). But he gave me the biggest hug in the airport and it brought tears to my eyes. That was a moment I will never forget. That day to this day has been a journey, for the both of us. Several rough patches, tough conversations, tears, and growth. I’m so very thankful for my father. He means the absolute world to me. I am truly blessed that he is here and always proud.311621_10151524740786359_1892054947_n

Fathers are important. Father Figures matter. Step-fathers can have just as much love in their heart as a biological parent. I love my mom and all she has done, but the love of a man and the strength of everything he does cannot be duplicated. I value what both of my parents are to me. My tween and teen years were very rocky, and full of self-destructive behavior. I longed for attention that I was not getting and I was focusing on all of the wrong things. Having my father kept me stable. It gave me that foundation I needed and I love being able to open up to him. That and the prayers of my mother are reason I am doing well today.

I get my bookworm nature from my father. We are always reading, learning, and adapting. The world is our classroom and physical classrooms are natural environments for us. We both are pretty silly and find laughter from the craziest and simplest things. We both have high cheekbones that are over-utilized every time we smile and express joy. I’m a little above average height with long limbs and scrawny ankles and wrists. Thanks Dad LOL. We are both emotional and wear our feelings all over our faces. We pay attention to detail and are very expressive when we talk. We’re essentially twins. I’m glad he let me borrow his handsome face!13495545_10153800886306359_6976659837780304305_o

My dad is quite accomplished. Retired from the Army, educated, gifted, well-spoken, quiet, and introverted (except around family). He also loves kids and kids love him. Part of the reason I strive is to make him proud. There is not a birthday or holiday that will go by without me letting him know how much I love him and appreciate him. He has provided for me in ways  I can’t repay.

When I receive my doctorate (soon ) , I know he will be clapping the hardest and yelling the loudest. That’s what dad are for:  To wipe tears, lend a shoulder, threaten a boyfriend, and be an example of hard-work, strength, and compassion.13305002_10153754276656359_8448761979853385874_o

For all that you do and for who you are. I love you. Happy Father’s Day!

Your babygirl,


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