When Beyoncé releases a body of work, the Beyhive references this point in history as “entering a new era”. Currently? We are turning our hard times into LEMONADE 🍋. . A theme that solidified Bey’s thoughts on the undying love and internal struggles of the black woman. She told “our” stories without speaking to us individually.


​                                                   Each song, a testimony. Each video, an emotional display.

FORMATION NOLA (via personal photos)

Each spoken word piece, a sermon.

It has won many awards, but mainly I appreciate how the music makes me feel. 

The first question I always ask myself is How does she continue to outdo herself? Queen sets the standard and then smashes it into pieces. Her legacy is solidified and there is nothing she needs to prove to the world. She’s simply her, and leaves us to deal with that fact that what she gives us is still a small fraction of that imperfect dynamic being.

FORMATION NOLA (via personal photos)

Fans always go back and forth about which track is a fave. Honestly, mine changes. Her tracks touch different parts of me.

Right now, my favorite song is the one that jumped out at me from the very beginning. Love Drought. And although the songwriter, Ingrid (another Parkwood Entertainment artist) told us what she meant by the soulful plea, this is definitely not my interpretation or a problem I am nowhere near experiencing. LOL.

Simply put, this era has been absolutely amazing. I saw Bey twice this go ‘round. I saw the Atlanta show last April and the NOLA show last September. Of course, she gave us looks, choreography, fabulous interludes, and crowd participation that your fave could never produce let alone execute all over the world! It is worth mentioning that I am still in my feelings about the fact that she literally released the album a week before the ATL show and I was studying the music and lyrics like a classroom assignment. In the end, I passed with an A and was performing with her.

I also made my way to the official tour recap video as well as the 10 year B-day anniversary  video. 2016 was a VERY good year for the Hive. Although we are always anticipating her next move, I am still very much enthralled with all this era has given me. As a woman, I went through many transitions last year. I experienced many highs and many lows, Beyoncé sang me through them all. My connection with her music goes back more than a decade, and if you are fan, you know that she’s layered, flawed, and fabulous. Not unlike any other woman in the world. She just does it for everyone to see. Listen to Lemonade and reminisce on the moments. I will be relieving it all day!

FORMATION NOLA (via personal photos)

Sound off in the comments! What are your LEMONADE memories?


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