Sometimes It Snows In April

It’s been so lonely without you here; I’m like a bird without a song…

Prince Rogers Nelson.

A visionary, a leader, a musical genius, a trendsetter, shade king, slay angel, and an ICON.

This description is only a short summary of what Prince meant to the world. My favorite artist and a personal influence, not many people hold the honor of being able to move me. But I have been drawn to him, as early as I can remember.  And though I will never meet him, I felt connected and invested to his artistry. A year later and I am still absolutely heartbroken that I will never get to hear him live and see him in living color.

Prince-Michael Oches-Getty.jpg
Photo By Michael Ochs for Getty 

If you know me, you know that my favorite color is purple, my favorite movie is Purple Rain and up until a few months ago even had my prescription frames were a deep purple that blended perfectly with my skin. A color defines my identity. It’s who I am, and that is all because of the Purple One. Like me, he was a shy and funny introvert, who came alive when doing something he was passionate about. I was young, misunderstood, and loved an artist whose music was not popular with my age group, BUT I DID NOT CARE.  His music spoke to me, and I consider the spoken word at the beginning of Let’s Go Crazy, the REAL Declaration of Independence.  “I’m not gonna let the elevators bring us down, oh no, LET’S GO”. All that mattered was that Prince got me, and now that I am older, I realize that I am never alone in my love for him. It’s a bond I share with complete strangers.  We are all united honorary members of The Revolution/ New Power Generation. But reality always plagues the memories…

It’s been snowing since last April. And it will never stop.

Photo by Wattie Cheung/ Camera Press/ Redux

Last year, I remember hearing of his death and not wanting to accept it. I literally called my mom in shock but also hysterical. It hit me harder than I was willing to admit. The next day on the way to work, I made the mistake of listening to Purple Rain. I cried to my heart’s content. I know he’s not suffering anymore and finally at peace, but I feel sad knowing that I won’t get that rush of excitement seeing an interview or hearing new music.

“But I’m here to tell ya, there’s somethin’ else…the afterworld. A world of never-ending happiness. You can always see the sun, day or night”.

His music was his ministry and he was unlike any other being walking the Earth. Last year on April 21st the world went purple. The memorials all around world were absolutely beautiful and it warmed my heart to see people in the streets dancing and loving one another. That’s just how Prince’s music makes the listener feel.


On this day, and every day, let’s remember the life of the funkiest man to ever pick up a guitar. One of the most successful and beloved artists of our time is gone, but will live forever. Watch Under the Cherry Moon, dance around your room to Mountains or Breakfast Can Wait, and wear your eyeliner with pride and fierceness.  Don’t play yourself.…We are different and we are awesome!

Peace and Blessings Beautiful Ones

*Featured image by Michael Oches for Getty


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