The Shoulders On Which I Stand

As we near the end of Women’s History Month, it gives me a chance to reflect on all of the women in my life who make a difference and an impression. I lost my godmother two years ago yesterday and although I miss her, I draw on the strength she helped me find deep inside myself many years ago.17426362_10154626867456359_556139929673793629_n

She was strong, funny, loving, smart, and brutally honest. There are so many laughs that me and my mom still share about her that warms my heart. I will never forget her and will always remember everything she taught me. She was the first woman who encouraged me to follow my heart. I do not have to let anyone dictate my place in the world and what I want to do. I have God and He is the only author and finisher of my fate. She helped me learn what it meant to be His vessel. When God filled me with his precious Holy Spirit in 2008 she was the first person I ran to, we cried together and she held me. My relationship with God is the most important thing in the world to me. I pray every day that is resting in eternal peace.

My mom is my rock. I do not know what I would do if she was not here for me. She has taught me literally everything I need to get through life and she is always my go-to. She’s my doctor, lawyer, therapist, teacher, spiritual adviser, confidant, personal shopper/stylist and my motivation to be great. If I am only half of the mother to my future children as she has been to me, they will be extremely blessed. Although that is a over-used cliché, it fits. She’s everything to me.




There are many more women who I have crossed paths with who have made impacted me in ways they will never know! I consider some to be mentors, friends, sisters, and inspirations. Women everywhere can draw strength from the other women in our lives. There are also women such as Michelle Obama who I have never met, yet inspire me to want better for myself and to change the world. We are all super humans and we change the world just by being who we are.

Hear Me Roar,

Peace and Blessings blackbirds

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