I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar

I first heard the song “I am Woman” when I was very young, it was somewhat of an anthem for me. It gave me courage and made me instantly proud to be a woman even if my credentials at the time and my mother’s chastisement said otherwise. This is my ode to us. The givers of life and the makers of the household. Indeed, hear us roar. Hear our hearts beat as strong as the loudest drum. Look at the paths we tread, our footsteps heavy from the burdens we bear. It is not a mistake that nature is a mother and no mistake that we are able to birth children. We are power. Our words, our ways, our weaknesses. They are our strength.

harrietI am proud to be a black woman. It’s a badge of honor. I feel like I am in an elite group that God ordained. I am blessed to be what I am and who I am. This month is a chance to reflect on how women have shaped the past, present, and will shape the future. We make the earth spin on its axis and do not let anyone tell you differently. This ode is a battle cry. Words will never be enough, a month is not enough. Life will never give us what we have given to it. We fight every day of our existence for equal treatment, wages, and rights that we have more than earned. Nevertheless, we keep on persisting.

I am woman. I am equal to my male counterparts and what I do better, I do it in style. It’s in my walk, my talk, the way I wear my hair, and my outfit of choice. There is nothing else in the world I would rather be. American history and world history for that matter are full of women who have worked tirelessly for our right to say what we want, do what we want with our bodies, and thrive in spaces dominated by men. For all that we have suffered through, we will continue to keep moving forward. We are invincible and I love us. I look up to the women in my life as if they are superheroes. Able to do things not even the most creative executives at Marvel can conjure.

We laugh at double standards, we laugh at stupid labels, and we keel over at anyone who questions the power that lives in us.

Hear. Us. Roar.

Peace and Blessings blackbirds


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