Black History Month: Week 4: Rewrite History

This is not the same America from fifty years ago. In both good and bad ways this country and world for that matter, have been shaped by circumstances that humans have both control and no control over. Being idle is not an option, being uniformed is not even possible. Collectively we all have a lot of work to do. I have mentioned that in every single black history post this month and I cannot place enough emphasis on it. Find what it is you are passionate about and dedicate your life to it. We’ve acknowledged the anguish and pain that brown people have experienced since the beginning of time and we’ve reflected on what it has meant for this country and the world. We’ve also called into action those who hide behind false promises and social media accounts; and have encouraged others to find their niche and use it to help others. Now that we know where we are going, we need to make the necessary steps to get there. Together.

photo by: Doug Linstedt via unsplash

I know it’s not easy. In fact there is not a day goes by that we don’t turn on the news or log into social media accounts to witness travesties around the world. Surely our ancestors and predecessors did not know how much of an impact their actions would make, but they went for it anyway. They dreamed of a promised land and we have to keep that dream from being deferred. Black History Month is not just about acknowledging black people, but also about furthering ideas, agenda, missions, and promises from these and other great people of color. That is why this is my favorite month of the year. It’s the feeling of pride that I really cannot describe. There is an air about us that cannot be destroyed. It’s seamless and charged and gives us life. We have work to do, and even if it takes our entire lives, we never know how our work will translate to other generations of black thinkers and innovators. Rewrite history, redirect its course, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

photo via Avel Chuklanov via unsplash 

See you next year blackbirds,


featured photo credit: Erick Hodge via


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