I have wide eyes, a bright smile, I am above average height and I have big feet, big hands, and thick glasses. But the first thing you notice about me is my brown skin! I’m a little lighter in some areas and a little darker than others, my pigmentation is my glory. See it, and acknowledge it. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.00. As you may have noticed, it’s officially my favorite month of the year. It is a time for me to just immerse myself in all things black. Make no mistake, black history is American history. So we should ALL be immersing ourselves.  You can’t tell the success and failures of this country without acknowledging the contributions of black men and women.img_2604

Acknowledge the hurt and the pain that we have been through. Feel it in your chest, your gut, your heart, your soul. Look at the pained faces of our ancestors, their stress lines, their wrinkled skin, and calloused  hands and acknowledge what we’ve been through. It happened and we will remember every single day of our existence.

12534231_1513035065664928_399757257_nAcknowledge the successes our first black president. The black inventors who made everyday life possible for all mankind. Those who work hard for 50 years just to support their families and do not cause trouble for anybody. Acknowledge those who are considered less than men because of the insecurities of others.

Acknowledge the spectrum of blackness. From doctors and lawyers, to cooks and backroom hairdressers. Man I love being black. All that it entails and all that people sleep on. We are a people that are hated, loathed, feared, and admired. We have been dealt life’s worst hand and my people are PROSPERING! The pride is real and it is deserved. I do not take credit for anything. I stand on the shoulders of those  who came before me.

I love all people the same, but the connection to my culture is innate. It’s unspoken and understood. We are beautiful and even if the world never says it, I will always scream it from the top of my lungs. Happy Black History month to every one in the world. All races, all religious affiliations, all walks of life. I will be posting all month on steps we need to take not only during this month but every day of the year.


It is a time of admiration and thankfulness. My black is beautiful, and my black is necessary. Join me in this monthlong celebration and let’s take a journey throughout history and map our future. We have the power if we all stand together. We have a foe with many faces. And it will take love, acknowledgement, and faith among other things to defeat it.  Let’s acknowledge our past so that we move forward in unison. We shall overcome but we will never forget.


Happy Education Blackbirds



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