We’re In Formation Michelle: A Letter to First Lady Obama

michelle-6A girl from the south side of Chicago with a big smile and a peaceful aura. Your official title is First Lady of the United States of America. But every time you come up in conversation you are my first lady and that is what you will always be to me. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, I wanted to write a special letter to you. Your accomplishments are not to live in the shadows of your husband. They matter just as you matter. You have changed the world through your acts of kindness and your tireless dedication to the health of children, women’s rights, and veterans. You indeed are a black girl who rocks. I am sure you have heard this a time or two. michelle-1

I first admired you when you spoke on the campaign trail on behalf of your husband. Those beautiful girls were never far from you, always holding your hand and seeking your embrace. Your spirit is still just as inviting. I was curious about how you would deal with the weight and expectations of the first lady. I somehow knew you would break the mold. I remember when there was a big thing about what you wore the first time you met Queen Elizabeth. Or the time you wore your arms out to event. With a woman as educated and intelligent as you are, I could not believe you were being reduced to an item of clothing. This is the world that we live in. I want you to know that I see you because YOU matter. michelle-4

In spite of adversity you stood tall. You will forever be famous for encouraging us to go high when our opponents go low. People think so much more of those who harm others with their words of actions but give little thought to those who soar above the rest. You are in the minority but I think of you often. Thank you.michelle-9

You are one of the most educated First Ladies in the history of this country but you also slay. You are always stylish, your hair is always laid, and your face is always on point. You have danced on The Tonight’s Show and spoke at a college graduation in my hometown. You are the entire spectrum of a black woman. You do it all with a smile on your face. Let us also  not forget the proof that you are an amazing mother. You embrace unfamiliar children with the same warmth that you greet your own. You never meet a stranger and I envy those who are recipients of your bear hugs. You love all of us and we love you just the same. 

The last few months I have studied your speeches. You have done so subtlety, but have called us to action. We are to get in formation to undo the work of oppressors. We are in formation to take our freedoms and basic rights back. We are in formation to take our neighborhoods, cities, and states back. Being a woman is not a weakness, it is a source of strength. Your style and grace are unparalleled. Girl quite frankly, I do not know how you have not unleashed when people mercilessy attack your family. I find myself taking up for you often. No first lady slander is tolerated in my presence. I can be intelligent and powerful. I matter. I hear you and I AM READY.michelle-6

Thank you first lady for being more than just a fixture in the most important house in the world. Thank you for thinking of the people first and yourself second. Thank you for being an inspiration for all. Thank you for being a woman who thinks about women. Thank you for being a mother to everyone’s children. Thank you for being the epitome of class and love. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being an advocate for the forgotten. Thank you for your smile, your strength and for being one to always remember your humble beginnings. You have never met me, we aren’t from the same side of the tracks, but we are the same person. I look at  you and I see my own potential. You have been a leader in ways you will never even know. Thank you for sharing your family with us and for encouraging me to be me. I pray for your peace, your continued inspiration, your happiness, and that God blesses your entire family.michelle-2

A blackbird in formation.



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