Book Review: Mosaic Journey: Pieces of Me

I define poetry as a written song left to the interpretation of the reader. Interpretation is the beauty of poetry for me. It allows me to become the work and it’s rare in this day and time to read modern poetry that invokes the same feelings as when I was in grade school and discovered its powers. My good friend Stedmond Ware is a jewel and he has given me fond memories of my childhood. This year my friend has published his first body of work and it is a wonderful book of poetry titled, “Mosaic Journey: Pieces of Me” (2016). I may be a little biased because I know that Stedmond is a very creative and intelligent person and he is always encouraging and supportive.  His energy is relentless and he is one of the most positive people I know. He is also a wonderful person and it radiates throughout the words he has written. My word is bond so I am hoping by the end of this post that you will trust me enough to check out this wonderful book.

The work is a reflection of Stedmond’s life as young black male growing up in the Mississippi Delta. It tells of stories of love, triumph, brokenness, heartbreak, hometown pride, and companionship. I have spent the past couple of weeks immersing myself in his words and really getting a feel for the bigger story Stedmond is trying to tell. I see myself in this work and I know you will too. There is a poem titled, “Will You Walk With Me?”  and it really provoked a lot of emotions as I read the words multiple times. There was a part that I read about five times in a row because the pictures he paints are vivd it’s almost too much to process at first glance. Particularly, the stanza that resonates reads:

Can the pain melt into dust,
as we stroll to the mountain side
can our spirits calm the waters
as the shores battle the tideWill you walk with me
seeing all that I am
step by step
hand in hand (Ware, p. 45)

My interpretation of this passage is a plea for love and a promise of commitment. These are questions no one really has the heart to ask but still harbors the need to know the answers. From friends, to family members, and significant others, this particular poem allowed me to really evaluate all of my relationships to determine their worth in my life. Obviously, I view this work as inspirational and there is so much where that came from. He really brings you into his world and then keeps you there with his honest interpretation of what he’s been through and how it’s impacted him. 

I am so proud of my friend and I support his vision. It’s not just his story, it’s our story! We can all relate to the subject matters in this book.  I got a copy for me and my father. You can pick this book up from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. He’s also on twitter and instagram!


Happy Reading Blackbirds,

Ware, S. A. (2016). Mosaic Journey: Pieces of Me. San Bernardino, CA: DT Productions.


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