Tis The Season

You want to know what my mom and I are doing Christmas morning? We’re going to serve the homeless. I am actually very excited about it. I have been through a LOT this year (whew) but I also have been tremendously blessed and I do not take it for granted. We should always pay it forward. Obviously it is the best way to display gratefulness for what God has given us. For me? It feels good. When people say that cannot thank God for everything He has done, fewer important words have ever been spoken. I am so eternally thankful and grateful. From the bottom of my heart I love the Lord. He continues to bless me in ways I can see and many in many ways I cannot.

photo by: Greg Weaver  via https://unsplash.com/@greglweaver

The closer we get to Christmas though besides this thankfulness I feel sadness for those who are not able to give their kids gifts, for those who have no home to keep them warm. For those who have no choice but to work harder during this time because bills do not take holiday breaks, and for those who go hungry as they do many other times during the year. I send a prayer up for them, but I also put action behind my words. We all can do more for others, and it is sad that some of us choose not to do so.

This is the season to be reminded of the many blessings thorough out the year (and our lives) and this season should inspire us to want to do more for others in the coming year. Please make it a priority. While some people are moving upwards many are still trying to make it. I will never lose sight of that. People started this year with loved ones that they will not end it with it. We have to help our fellow many in any way we can.

photo by: Mira Bozhko via  https://unsplash.com/@mirchi

God has blessed me in more ways than I can count and even though things are not perfect in my life, I am thankful for the problems I have. Call a family member you have not spoken to in a while, let a car over that is trying to get in front of you. Buy someone’s coffee or lunch, make a strange face to a baby to make them smile. A simple gesture can go so far. Be the example of humility. This is the season and love is the reason and nothing is better than that.

photo by: David Zawila via  https://unsplash.com/@davealmine

Merry Christmas Blackbirds.


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