Trust the process; Try your best

Where I am now in life is not where I envisioned myself 5 years ago. I imagined making a lot more money, having a particular spouse, and not living in my home state. I know God laughed hysterically at my plans. Dare to dream, they say. Go to college, they say. It will all come together after graduation, they say. WRONG. I learned the hard way that any process or situation we are working through, we have to trust that the outcome will be a firm result of the work we put in. Naturally, I am one who always had a plan A, B, and C together and really left no room for error. I also left no room for God.

The problem with plans is that we don’t know the future. Throughout life, we’re always planning for an end that is never guaranteed to us. I have truly learned over the last few years what it means to “trust the process”. This saying can be interpreted many different ways but all involve trusting something that no one here on Earth has control over. This is hard, I will not sugarcoat it. But it is not impossible. Just as sure as you’ve managed to put one foot in front of the other day after day, you can put trust in faith in what you cannot see and what you do not have access to.


While trusting God’s plan that does not mean you can give up on the dreams you dared to have. This means working hard, learning all you can, and putting your all into things that may eventually fail. Sometimes we get what we’ve not even anticipated and it can be so much more valuable than what we wanted. That’s why it is always important to try your best, and nothing less. Essentially you did not know what would happen after college but that did not stop you from going to class, studying for tests, and working hard for a degree when you had no idea where it would take you. Life checked me and checked me HARD. Trust that it will all work out and it will. You reap what you sow, good or bad, so treat everything in this manner. If you do this then success, whatever it may look like, will be yours.


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