New Advice For A New You In 2017

Do you know what really grinds my gears? When people make those comments about the gym being full at the top of a new year. If people want to use the new year as a clean slate, it is not your place to discourage it. You had to start somewhere right? That's why people are … Continue reading New Advice For A New You In 2017


Tis The Season

You want to know what my mom and I are doing Christmas morning? We’re going to serve the homeless. I am actually very excited about it. I have been through a LOT this year (whew) but I also have been tremendously blessed and I do not take it for granted. We should always pay it … Continue reading Tis The Season

You Can Fix What Isn’t Broken

If DJ Khaled were to see the title of this post he would probably respond with: "They don't want you to be a magician; they don't want you to improve yourself". Listen to me, and Khaled, you can absolutely fix what is not broken. When we get a regimen of any sort down we stick … Continue reading You Can Fix What Isn’t Broken


What About Your Friends?

My health has been pretty topsy-turvy lately and I have felt more defeated than ever. Swimming in a sea of medicine, sleeplessness, and crankiness, I can imagine that I have not been the most pleasant person to be around or talk to lately. This ordeal it has made me even more thankful for the love … Continue reading What About Your Friends?


Trust the process; Try your best

Where I am now in life is not where I envisioned myself 5 years ago. I imagined making a lot more money, having a particular spouse, and not living in my home state. I know God laughed hysterically at my plans. Dare to dream, they say. Go to college, they say. It will all come … Continue reading Trust the process; Try your best