Another day; Another cycle

Life is not without trouble. I of all people know that it really goes without saying. Whether it is family turmoil, mental or physical illness, stress from work, relationship blues, or even just being annoyed by everything we ALL go through cycles. Some of these cycles may be worse and/or longer than others. And as much as we want to believe that there is a silver lining, sometimes you have to force yourself to see it. This does not always come naturally.

I am not here to discourage but I do believe in acknowledging these feelings and reservations in order to get through them. I won’t go in-depth about the storms and lessons God is allowing me to experience but I do know that no matter what, He will guide me through them, and He will do the same for you.


Think of your situation as dirty laundry. You know you have to take care of it and that it has to go through cycles to come out clean and ready for wear all over again. That’s what God does for me. I come to Him filthy with my Earthly troubles and he puts me in the washing machine and adds soap to get me clean. Though the spin and rinse cycles are not “spa days” and are hard, being temporarily uncomfortable is worth the end result. I am exactly where He wants me to be. 

Even after the first cycle, I am not fit to be worn. I still need time, attention, and another cycle to come out even better than I did going into the first. That last cycle will cement everything I learned in the washing cycle. It does not matter if I tumble like clothes in a dryer or hang on a line, I have to ask several questions when the last cycle appears to be over. Have I learned what I need to know? Will I come out on the other side better than ever? The answers to the questions should be yes.

photo-1469329989238-48310798c014.jpegKnow that if you are going though a very tough transition or just having a bad day, God is not through with you and you have to keep the faith that He is working a miracle even though it is impossible to see. Keep a small circle of people who can encourage you but most importantly, you have to be able to encourage yourself. Be uncomfortable and content now and I promise it will pay off!


Be blessed blackbirds.

photo credit: Jo Naylor laundromat via photopin (license)


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