Not Such a Bad Day

We have all had those days and sometimes weeks or even months where we feel as though nothing in the world is going right. I am definitely not excluded. When this happens we can become the textbook definition of pessimism. However, at any given moment, God always gives me a reminder of what I am already blessed to have. This keeps me grounded and it prompts me to say to myself “maybe this is not such a bad day after all”.  At this very moment, I am not where I envisioned myself being even a year ago, but I am thankful that although it may be happening at a snail’s pace and with baby steps; I am still moving forward. We should always be grateful.  Our situation, fears, mistakes, and surroundings may show otherwise, but we are always in possession of something that somebody else wishes they had.

I have goals, I still have ambitions, and I still am awaiting God for his guidance each and everyday of my life.


NSBD (1).png

Putting things into perspective has a great bOn Twitter I recently connected with an blog called The Life Degree created by Ksenia. She created a project that encourages people to enjoy the little things and to make the best out of life all while helping others. Their mission is “to get more people, having more good days”. I agree that we all should be doing the same. None of US have it all together and that’s okay. Having “it” all together is an attribute nobody on the face of the Earth can brag about having. All that matters is that we know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Once we move toward that light, it’s brightness will consume us. Believe that the best is yet to come.

Shine Bright Blackbird

For more info on the “Not Such A Bad Day” project, visit and the project’s twitter account is @notsuchabadday 


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