Pull Up A Chair; You’re Invited

Pull Up A Chair

When I was in grade school I was excited every time I received an invitation to a birthday party or any special event that my peers were having. This is how I felt listening to Solange’s album. It is definitely one that will forever be in constant rotation. “A Seat At The Table” is so honest and inviting that it feels unreal. Thankfully this work of art is not too good to be true, it’s just GOOD and is a narrative of my life and those of my fellow melanin kings and queens. We are invited and are the guests of honor.

Between everything that is tragic in the world and our personal lives it can be hard to take the time to detox and reset. Music does that for me. It is an outlet and a shelter and I use it to worship and to release. So naturally, this album came right on time. The melodies, the lyrics, and the overall vibe are like a calming eye in the middle of a storm. Chaos is surrounding us but we have an escape and how sweet it is!

 I was going to write about the debates this past Sunday, even the horrific attacks in various areas of the world but there is no shortage of people discussing the bad things that surround us. I am honestly so exhausted that I even refuse to watch local news. Sometimes it is all just too much to absorb and process. It is a shame that in our short lives people would dedicate it to making others miserable or inflicting harm on people they do not even know.  In knowing this I have to remember that I cannot control what other people do or say but I can take the necessary steps to take care of myself.

Escaping through music opens therapeutic doors for me that some people do not understand. Also, inclusion is not a bad thing, so I’m accepting my invitation. Thank you Solange; because as a people we NEEDED this album, more importantly we NEED this movement. It’s “for us; by us”. And although this body of work may not be for you, I encourage you to find out what it is that stirs your soul and inspires you and hold it dear to your heart. In this world, this election, even this week, you’re gonna need it!

Be encouraged blackbird.

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