An Ode to Blackness

What started as a light-hearted birthday dinner for a friend, turned into a discussion on religion, politics, and what blackness means to our blackness. Talk about a good time! A group of educated and driven black men and women spending their Friday night voicing their opinions and spilling knowledge that I do not think many ears outside of that room are ready to hear. I’m thankful that I am surrounded by deep thinkers and young philosophers. I could feel the power in the room. The topics we discussed and what I gained from that experience inspired me and the topic of this week’s post.

Our blackness is being compromised, whether we choose to acknowledge this or not. It is adapted but misunderstood. Embraced behind closed doors and masked faces but not defended. Black history is known but not honored. I see this every day and it makes my heart bleed. My blackness is thriving and dying all at the same time. What I mean is that it is alive in my heart and dead in the world. Although my skin is blemished and brown and my curves show themselves, my stretch marks poignant, and my hair is my best attribute, I am still learning my blackness. It is not limited to how I wear my hair, my clothes, or my career choice. It is so dynamic, so deeply rooted in so many different cultures, and beautiful. I read, watch, listen, and learn my blackness a little every day. I know I will not ever learn everything and I am okay with that. The beauty is all in the journey. I love it and it loves me; although the world does not. This knowledge will not allow me to tiptoe or continue to ignore the blatant ignorance and inconsistency of our nation’s politics and the hearts of men and women who embrace hate. It’s a process and it takes balance and a sprinkle of hope. Everything is made with an intricate design and though we may never have all of the answers to questions that our people have raised for a years, we have ourselves and we have each other. Our blackness is enough. YOU are enough. As long as we continue to learn and thrive in it, the changes will be subtle but paramount and our blackness will not continue being a tool for the advancement of others but a movement that encourages liberation and revolution. Embrace it, defend it, live it, by any means necessary.

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